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Your emergency care training partner

Académie Saint-Bernard is a fully online CPR and first aid training center. Born from the union of digital technologies and the expertise of a wealth of experience accumulated over more than 10 years in the fields of paramedic and nursing care. L'Académie Saint-Bernard takes its inspiration from today's technological context to help its customers learn lifesaving techniques.

Our history

How can we offer high-quality CPR and first aid training courses that are accessible to all and adapted to each individual's learning pace?

That's the question Alexandre Grenier asked himself in 2015, when he began to look into the many benefits of e-learning. His goal was to make the training courses offered by his company, founded in 2012, more accessible to all, in order to make a greater contribution to building a safer future. So it was in 2015 that Alexandre rolled up his sleeves to bring his company into the digital age.

In March 2019, with the help of his team of healthcare, emergency and web development professionals, Alexandre was able to see his ambitious project become a reality. The https://academiesb.com website finally went live. After 4 years' work, the Académie Saint-Bernard was ready to offer its first online training course.

Over the following years, its team grew and the company began to benefit from expertise from other fields, such as public communications, graphic design and administration.

In October 2020, the Academy launched its new mobile app ["RCR - ASB"] (https://academiesb.com/application-mobile/). In addition to supporting customers in learning and practicing CPR maneuvers, the app was also intended to be able to offer help at their fingertips in the event of an emergency.

In 2022, in response to rising demand and to offer faster, more user-friendly learning tools, Alexandre and his team began work on redesigning the Academy's learning platform. In April 2023, the improved version was officially launched online.

L'Académie Saint-Bernard continues to evolve and establish itself as the benchmark for CPR and first aid training online.



Our training courses have been designed thanks to the practical experience of passionate professionals who are constantly exposed to the realities of the emergency field. Our commitment to delivering top-quality training is reinforced by this field experience, which enables us to focus on the essential aspects of emergency response. This expertise enables us to create interactive training courses that best recreate real-life emergency situations.

In addition to the expertise of these professionals, our training courses have been developed in strict accordance with the latest national standards for CPR and cardiovascular emergency care. To ensure that the quality of our training is maintained, we always honour our obligation to follow the annual and periodic recommendations of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation ([ILCOR] (https://www.ilcor.org/)).

At Académie Saint-Bernard, we have developed our own user-friendly, easy-to-access training platform, to offer you an unrivalled learning experience.

An innovative platform

Thanks to our digital platform [fully online and autonomous](link why choose e-learning), we offer a flexible learning option that allows everyone to learn at their own pace at a time that suits them best. We use proven teaching methods to make our courses easy to understand. What's more, we're constantly on the lookout for new approaches to e-learning, ensuring that our courses remain at the cutting edge.

[How our courses work] (Link to course description)

A safer future

Our mission is to teach resuscitation and first aid to as many people as possible, using innovative tools that enable them to learn in a user-friendly and autonomous way. In this way, we aim to give people the confidence and skills they need to intervene without hesitation in an emergency.

[Vision, mission and values] (link to vision, mission and values)

Our commitment to you

At the heart of our company lies a professional team, united by the company's mission and a desire to pass on vital knowledge based on the highest industry standards. We are committed to providing courteous, honest service and prompt responses to all your concerns. Our experienced team is always at your disposal, whether to answer your questions about our courses, to guide you through a training session or to assist you in monitoring the validity of one of our certificates. At Académie Saint-Bernard, we're here for you.