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Simplify your training management!

Saint-Bernard Academy offers you an advanced training coordination platform, specially designed for managers. Simplify the organization of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training, with autonomous certification management. This ensures that every member of your team remains trained and ready to intervene in an emergency, while complying with current requirements. More than just management, our platform also sends intelligent reminders to ensure ongoing compliance, removing the pressure to manage certification renewals.

Optimization of resources and substantial savings

Our "Manager Module" allows you to benefit from simplified coordination of your training courses, as well as advantageous discounts on our rates when you purchase several courses simultaneously. In this way, you benefit from profitable savings while offering your staff the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge.

Manager module features

The advanced functions of our manager module offer personalized control for each administrator. They therefore benefit from multiple competitive advantages:

  • Self-management of candidate lists.
  • Classification of candidates by groups.
  • Control of training assignments.
  • Retrieval of any training not started by a candidate.
  • Access to certificates as soon as training is completed.
  • Intelligent automation and proactive notification

Thanks to our automated notification system, you'll be informed by email of any changes to your account:

  • Addition of new candidates.
  • Availability of new training for a candidate.
  • Certification expiry notice - renewal reminder.

In-depth analysis and simplified evaluation

As a manager, you can track the progress of your candidates in real time. Our manager module gives you access to detailed reports on the progress of your team members: 

  • Percentage of progress.
  • Exam results.
  • Final grade received at the end of training.

This in-depth analysis of individual performance allows you to tailor your support and training accordingly.

Cost-efficiency and compliance without compromise

Our platform offers a double guarantee: it enables you to make substantial savings in time and money, while ensuring a high level of compliance with professional standards. This ensures that your organization meets its training and certification obligations, while maximizing the use of your budget.


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