Vision, mission and values

Academie Saint-Bernard: For a safer future

Your emergency care training partner

At Académie Saint-Bernard, we are passionately committed to helping you acquire skills that will make a real difference. Our team is driven by an inspiring vision and mission, supported by core values that guide every aspect of our business.



With his head brimming with innovative ideas, our founder, Alexandre Grenier, never ceases to develop new methods to ensure the success of his company's mission. Since the birth of Académie Saint-Bernard, he has been constantly pushing the boundaries to develop the best tools for learning first aid and CPR techniques 100% online.

"I'm proud to have developed a learning platform that promotes the transmission of knowledge that can make a huge difference. Thanks to my great team who help me continue to innovate and offer the best possible service, I can confidently say that it's only just begun!"

Alexandre Grenier,

founder of Académie Saint-Bernard


Our ambition is to become the undisputed leader in online CPR and first aid training. By continuing to innovate and develop user-friendly tools accessible to all, we want to work with you to build a safer future.

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Teaching resuscitation and first aid techniques to as many people as possible, using innovative tools that make learning easy and autonomous.

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Commitment to our customers

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to learn life-saving techniques at your own pace, in the environment of your choice, using the device that suits you best. Our aim is to give you the self-confidence and skills you need to intervene without hesitation in an emergency.

What's more, since we believe that cooperation and mutual support are essential to success, it's vital for us to be there for you. In other words, although our platform is entirely online, behind the machine is a team proud to represent Académie Saint-Bernard and to offer personalized, ultra-fast and courteous assistance and service.

Our values


Transparency, objectivity and respect for ethics are at the heart of our corporate culture.

We make decisions in the best interests of our customers and the community. We are committed to complying with current standards and regulations, while following ethical and fair business practices. We also want our communications and actions to reflect our fairness and honesty at all times.


As a training center, it is essential for us to demonstrate intellectual rigor at all times.

Our company is proud to distinguish itself through its competent team and superior quality training courses. To ensure that the quality of our training courses is maintained, we adhere to the latest industry standards. We make sure that when you train with us, you'll have the confidence, know-how and knowledge to respond to any incident.


At the Académie Saint-Bernard, we're constantly looking for new ideas to raise standards, improve our services and exceed our customers' expectations.

We believe it's important to adapt to today's realities, so that we can teach life-saving techniques to as wide an audience as possible. In other words, we take advantage of the evolution of multimedia technologies to create interactive learning tools adapted to everyone.

Respect and cooperation

Within our team and in communications with our customers and partners, we value dialogues centered on a desire for mutual understanding, tolerance and cooperation.

Through our exchanges, it's important for us to be attentive, open and benevolent. Likewise, every achievement of our company is the result of a collaborative effort involving all members of our team. In short, we value a friendly approach that fosters a working and learning environment where each individual can feel supported and respected.

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At Académie Saint-Bernard, we firmly believe that using digital technologies to develop our learning methods is the key to a safer future. Our commitment to offering high-quality training using innovative, user-friendly digital tools, as well as our personalized service, reflects our dedication to helping you acquire skills that will make a real difference. Join us in this vital mission, and together, let's build a safer world, where each and every one of us is ready to save lives.