10 reasons to choose us


Total flexibility

Learn when and where you want

Available from computer, tablet or smartphone.

Take the time you need.

High-quality training

In line with the latest ILCOR guidelines.

Based on the latest internationally recognized medical research

Developed by seasoned healthcare professionals with over 15 years' experience in emergency medicine

Easy to learn

Abundance of explanatory images.

Concise, precise texts

Multiple-choice theory tests.

The right environment for you

In the comfort of your living room, in a café-bistro, or any other place with an Internet connection.

Learn alone or in the company of family, friends or colleagues, without the interference of other students.

At your own pace

Take the time you need to complete your training.

No more stress about deadlines.

Progress at your own pace, section by section, to keep you motivated.

Substantial savings

Avoid travel expenses.

No need to spend on meals out.

No work interruptions required.

Nationally recognized training 

North American resuscitation standards.

Our first aid courses go beyond the minimum recommended requirements.

With our theory exams and practical sessions, you'll receive top-quality certification.

Personalized support at all times

Contact our interactive assistant (the red bubble at the bottom right of every page on our site).

Send us an e-mail and a member of our team will get back to you promptly.

Call us for direct assistance.

Exceptional follow-up

Receive notifications when guidelines are updated.

Be reminded annually to keep your skills up to date.

Be confident in case of emergency.

Access to privileged resources

Consult clinical procedure protocols at any time.

Access your personal profile at any time.

Save lives with our free mobile app.

10 more reasons to choose Académie Saint-Bernard

Regular updates

Benefit from content updated in real time to keep pace with the constant evolution of emergency care.

Active learning community

Join a community of passionate learners, exchange ideas and share experiences for an enriching learning experience.

Unlimited access to resources

Explore our comprehensive medical lexicon, procedure protocols and free mobile app.

Certification respected

Earn a highly respected certification in emergency care, opening up a wide range of professional opportunities.

Multilingual training

Learn in the language of your choice with our training programs available in several languages.

Personalized live assistance

Chat live with our qualified trainers for immediate answers to your training questions.

Real-time risk reduction

Receive alerts on the latest protocol updates to minimize risks in emergency situations.

Mobile access

Learn from your smartphone with our mobile-friendly website for maximum flexibility.

A professional asset

Learn the CPR and first aid skills you need for your job.

Comprehensive preparation for complex emergencies

Develop skills for dealing with complex and rare emergency situations, so you're ready for any challenge.