Partnership with CIBLE Petite Enfance

Académie Saint-Bernard partners with CIBLE Petite Enfance



We are proud to announce a partnership agreement between Académie Saint-Bernard and CIBLE Petite Enfance.


Whether you're in charge of a daycare service or a corporation, you can now be trained or offer training to your team members, directly online!

  • 1@9-15%
  • 10ET+-20%



  • A 15% discount on the purchase of a training course


  • A 20% discount on the purchase of a corporate training package (minimum of 10 courses).



To obtain your discount, you must first have a customer account with CIBLE Petite Enfance. Then go to your customer profile to find your promotional code.

  • Use your promotional code when purchasing your "First aid adapted to early childhood" training on our website.


  • Use your promotional code when purchasing your "Early Childhood First Aid - Group Purchase" training on our website as a manager.


This offer is offered exclusively in partnership with CIBLE Petite Enfance.





What is CIBLE Petite Enfance?

CIBLE Petite Enfance - Support platform for early childhood professionals



CIBLE Petite Enfance is a Quebec-based company created by two professionals who have been working in the childcare network for over 15 years. Their backpacks include experience as managers, pedagogical trainers and consultants in the field of improving educational services for 0-5 year olds. Quality of service is their priority.




Continuing education


Continuing education directly online

CIBLE Petite Enfance's ongoing training is available directly online, anywhere, anytime, at your convenience!


Presented in the form of short video vignettes lasting approximately 30 minutes, each viewing is followed by a quick evaluation questionnaire to complete.


Answer a series of 10 randomly selected questions (choice of answers and true/false) to achieve a score of 80% or more. You have as many attempts as you need to pass.


Get your training certificate immediately after passing a training capsule, in PDF format, which you can save and print at your convenience.


You can also start, pause and pick up where you left off.


Parent communication diary

Life's moving too fast, and you want to reduce the risk of a parent forgetting their child in the car? It's easy with our child absence warning system!


The children are in shared custody and both parents want to have access to their child's day-to-day life? It's easy to access your child's logbook anytime, anywhere!


Simple, user-friendly and above all complete, since it's based on the 4 developmental domains of children aged 0-5, the Cible Petite Enfance communication diary is the ultimate communication tool between educators and parents!


This diary is the ideal tool for communicating with today's parents! It's fast, illustrated, instinctive, appreciated by parents and, above all, very easy to use: no more time wasted by the educator having to fill in the diaries of her little clients one by one. What's more, you'll receive confirmation that the parent has consulted their child's diary!


Communication diary

Board member section

Section entirely dedicated to Board members.

Finally, some training for board members!


The often highly technical and specialized jargon will become very simple once explained by our partners: lawyers and financial specialists! Becoming a board member has never been easier!


Secure CLOUD section

Simplify your life and lighten your workload by going green!


Give access only to the right people! Determine which member(s) of your team will be able to consult these documents by giving them access in a very simple and user-friendly way.




Well-stocked library

Benefit from a library specific to each member of your organization, according to their role!


Entirely dedicated to early childhood, you'll find tons of reading material, exercises, templates, policies and work tools, web links, reliable procedures to simplify your daily routine, all in one place.


The vast majority of the documents and templates are in Word format, so you can download them and adapt them to your reality with your logo/signature.


And if you can't find what you're looking for, just ask us and we'll be sure to develop the tool or document for you and then make it available in our library.


No more endless, complicated searches!


Individualized support service

One of your educators needs help with a particular problem with a child and you don't know how to support her? Are you short of tools?


As a manager, are you experiencing team conflicts, a problematic situation with an employee, managing disciplinary measures or any other human resources-related issue?


Do your board members need conflict-free support and an outside view of their roles and responsibilities to help them make the right decisions?


We will listen attentively, analyze the problematic situation, propose solutions and make recommendations.


Coaching service

Free trial

We offer you the opportunity to try out the CIBLE Petite Enfance platform FREE of charge for an unlimited period!


During this 100% free, no-obligation trial period, you'll have access to exclusive tools, documents and video training that you won't find anywhere else on


Guided tour

Would you like to know more about our platform?

Whether you're a manager, educator or board member, Émilie will be delighted to guide you through our various training, services and documentation sections. In just a few minutes, she'll show you the many ways you can save time and money!


Guided tour

Customer service

Fast, efficient customer service and technical support

CIBLE Petite Enfance is available quickly and efficiently to help you, assist you with the platform or simply answer your questions!


Recognized certifications

At CIBLE Petite Enfance, we celebrate your successes!


In addition to being a recognized training organization, CIBLE Petite Enfance is SOFEDUC accredited and issues Continuing Education Units (CEUs).


Viewing our training vignettes, combined with reading, exercises and suggested tools, equals 1 hour of training and 0.1 CEU.


Also accredited as a training organization by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (Emploi Québec), CIBLE Petite Enfance offers employees the opportunity to improve their skills as part of a skills development strategy and within the framework of the law on skills (1% law).


Download and print your SOFEDUC-recognized training attestations immediately upon completion of a training capsule, or when you need to send them to your coordinating office. A single click is all it takes!


Recognized training certificates